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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Hood Head's Dragon
10 photos - updated 10/27/2021
A beautiful fall day at Lake Crescent.
Lake Crescent Oct 2021 Paddle
19 photos - updated 10/20/2021
Pool time sessions in Port Angeles.
Pool Time 10/2021
23 photos - updated 10/19/2021
Great paddle in exceptionally calm conditions. We saw river otters, seals, herons, harlequin ducks and a rhinoceros auklet. No surf at all at Tongue Point. Now THAT's incredible!
Freshwater Bay to Crescent Beach 9/20/21
27 photos - updated 9/21/2021
A fun paddle to explore behind Bywater Bay and take gifts to the Hood Head Dragon. A LARGE group of 17 kayakers launched from Shine Tidelands State Park at the west end of the Hood Canal Bridge.
Hood Head Dragon 9/13/21
17 photos - updated 9/21/2021
What a fun, crazy day on Lake Crescent. The kayak games were a fun way to share goofs, hone skills, and laugh a LOT! Thanks, Keri and the OPP board for putting this together!
Lake Crescent Kayak Rodeo
49 photos - updated 8/22/2021
A productive time was had by all. We gathered at Susan's and used our combined experience and creativity to improve deck lines and repair dry suit gaskets. Nan's brownies were "the icing on the cake."
Gasket and Deck Line Workshop
10 photos - updated 8/21/2021
Lake Crescent paddle.  Wind picked up to whitecaps.  Fast paddle back to launch area.
Lake Crescent 08202021
6 photos - updated 8/20/2021
Dosewallips State Park 8-16-21
30 photos - updated 8/16/2021
This was a friends paddle organized by Ed Urbanski after 2 tries to do it as a Saturday paddle...both times cancelled due to high winds and/or rain.
Bioluminescence paddle at Ajax
10 photos - updated 8/9/2021
11 paddlers launched from Salisbury Pt. County Park & paddled NE to a beach where we usually see moon snails. About 6.5 nm total. Mission accomplished, and Franklin's gulls, herons, otters & more!
Moon Snail Beach 7/26/21
18 photos - updated 7/28/2021
We launched from Irondale Beach on a beautiful warm day. We went about 3 miles north to a beach just north of Ft Townsend State Park for lunch, with Mt. Baker, otters and a heron our lunch companions.
Irondale Beach 7/19/21
15 photos - updated 7/20/2021
A foggy start to a great paddle. It lifted as we were arriving at lunch. Highlight was seeing an osprey dive +/- 20' off Susan's bow, get a fish and get chased by an eagle trying to steal its lunch!
East Beach to Marrowstone Point 7-12-21
13 photos - updated 7/12/2021
Three days of skills training at Lake Crescent with Deb Volturno resulted in lots of increased abilities and feelings of accomplishment. Thanks for a great three days, Deb!
Deb Volturno Skills Training 7-9-21
13 photos - updated 7/12/2021
What a great way to start Monday Paddles after a YEAR's hiatus (thank you, Covid.) Six paddlers launched from East Beach on Marrowstone Is. & paddled south to LipLip Point for lunch before returning.
East Beach to LipLip Point 4-26-21
15 photos - updated 4/27/2021
OPP now has an identifying sign at Marilyn Nelson County Park. We've adopted this beach for annual clean-ups. Thanks Cathy Hathaway for spearheading this & Jim Benson for getting it all started.
Adopt-a-Beach Sign Installation
11 photos - updated 4/25/2021
March 2021 Lake Crescent Paddle
Lake Crescent
12 photos - updated 3/25/2021
Five of us left Pt. Whitney looking for eagles, or anything, really. This time of year the plainfin midshipmen fish come into the canal to breed and the eagles come to eat the fish. Not this time tho.
Pt. Whitney to Jackson Cove 3/22/21
19 photos - updated 3/25/2021
Pt Whitney March 2021
4 photos - updated 3/25/2021
Keri, Cray and Liz took a Christmas Lights paddle from the Salmon Club ramp to Boat Haven then back up to Point Hudson.  Turned out to coincide with the PT boat lights tour!  Grand fun!
2020 Christmas Lights Tour
8 photos - updated 12/24/2020
Port Whitney to Wawa Pt. April 2018
9 photos - updated 8/11/2020
North Beach to Glass Beach, March 2019
9 photos - updated 8/11/2020
Friends paddle from Cline Spit ou t to the Dungeness Lighthouse. Paddled out to the north side of the lighthouse then back to the south side for lunch.
Dungeness Lighthouse Paddle
18 photos - updated 8/11/2020