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Olympic Peninsula Paddlers
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Join the Olympic Peninsula Paddlers

You can join the Olympic Peninsula Paddlers online by clicking on the “Member Signup” button at the bottom of this page or by downloading the OPP Application and Waiver and mailing it with a check payable to OPP to the following address:

Olympic Peninsula Paddlers
PO Box 83
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Membership types

There are two types of OPP memberships: individual and household. Households of up to five members may join under a household membership. One member of a household is designated as a primary member, who must sponsor the remaining members of the household as secondary members. The maximum number of secondary members is four. Secondary members have the same rights and responsibilities as primary members, and they set up their own profiles and specify their own passwords to the OPP website.

To set up a household membership online, you must:

  1. Click the “Member Signup” button on the bottom of this page.
  2. Select the “Household” membership type on the “Member Sign Up” page.
  3. Sign the waiver and complete the rest of the application process. Note that adding spouse information does not automatically designate them as a secondary member.
  4. Once your membership is activated, navigate to your profile page. When you are logged in to the OPP website, your name will always appear at the top right corner of every desktop page. Hovering the cursor over your name will expose the “Profile” option. (On the mobile version of the website, tap the “Your Info” icon.)
  5. On your “Member Profile” page, under the “Personal Info” heading, select “Additional Members in Your Account”.
  6. You will see yourself listed as a primary member. Click on the “Add” button directly below your name to add a secondary member from your household. Be sure to click "Save".
  7. After you have added a secondary member, you will receive an email from OPP, providing a username and a temporary password for the additional member.  You must share this information with that family member.  Once they use that username and log in with the temporary password, they will be prompted to choose a permanent password. They will then be prompted to fill in their profile information.

If you are signing up for a household membership by mail, you must download, print, and mail in a separate application/waiver for each secondary household member, or your application will be delayed.

Applications can also be submitted in person at monthly club meetings.


Dues are $30.00 for an individual membership, $40.00 for a household membership, and are paid annually. Reminders are sent out one month and then one week before the expiration date, and we allow a month grace period for payment after a membership has expired.


Safety is a top priority in our club. While members can participate in the many off-water activities we offer, before a member may participate in on-water paddles and classes with OPP, they must demonstrate a wet exit and an assisted rescue as both rescuer and swimmer. The club organizes events throughout the year when rescue skills can be learned and demonstrated, and we can schedule a safety demonstration before a paddle if arrangements are made in advance.

We also require members to possess adequate safety equipment, including, but not limited to:

  • PFD
  • Wetsuit or drysuit
  • Spray skirt
  • Spare paddle
  • Paddle float
  • Bilge pump
  • VHF radio
  • Whistle
  • Protective footwear
  • Throw or tow rope
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Drinking water

Kayaks must have:

  • Bulkheads, kayak flotation bags, or sea sock (unless it is a SOT)
  • Properly fitted and secure hatch covers
  • Perimeter deck lines
  • End toggles, grab loops

Please read the Safety Information page for other necessary safety information.